Big Plans or Day of Rest? What Would Dave Ramsey Say?

We haven’t done nearly as much traveling and touristy things this assignment.  We have still done a lot but have had to put the reins on a bit.  As many of you know we like to follow (but could do a lot better) the “Dave Ramsey Plan” because of this we need to save up for things that we want or need and we work to keep a healthy emergency fund since we have no credit card to fall back on.  We dug into our Emergency fund a bit (a lot more than I want to admit) in New Mexico, so we are trying to find a more realistic balance.  Also there are signs besides the number on the odometer read out in our car that starting to save up for out next vehicle would be prudent.  As we are down to only three weeks left here in Wisconsin there are a few things left that I would love to do.  This makes the choice so hard, but it is going to cost a lot to drive back to Salem, be off for a week, and then drive on to our next assignment and get set up there.  For that reason we will probably playing things pretty tight for the rest of the time here if we do go on another adventure it will be one of the many locations that have been recommended by patients that the main cost is the gas to get there and back or a nearby museum in Green Bay that is reasonably priced and highly recommended.  I had initially thought it would be a good day to do one of those things, but honestly we were all tired and slept in and then Chad and Hannah needed to go grocery shopping while Caleb, Eve and I cleaned the house and by then it was noon.  Caleb was dragging himself around at the thought of doing any work and so we decided that we didn’t need to go do anything fun today.  We would just enjoy it as a day of rest.  We had left overs for lunch, the kids finished the dishes and by then the house was looking pretty good.  We made caramel apples, which was pretty fun.




We had a few movies we had checked out from the church library so the kids settled down first to watch Hermie and then two on the biblical account of the origin of man and the Big Bang theory not directly by Ken Ham but they are connected in some way to his ministry.  To my amazement the two older kids were pretty fixated and interested in the topics verbalizing their thoughts on the topic.  I fell asleep in the living room at the end of the movies. Chad woke me up for dinner. I was feeling a little rough, so Chad encouraged me to head to bed after dinner as he read Arabian Nights to the kids.  I guess we needed a day of rest more than we thought.  All in all I’m not sad we didn’t make it to the museum or national lake shores that are on our list.  It was a good day and just what we needed.  Goodnight.


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