Here a CC family, There a CC family, everywhere a CC family

I don’t think Neenah is the Classical Conversations (CC) Capitol of the world but we have run into several families in this area that are part of a CC group (homeschool co-op) there was the family at the library a month or so ago, the family at the Oshkosh Saturday market a while back, and last night I had an Abecedarian tutor as a patient, and the director of their program as a visitor.  She was telling me how many CC groups they had in a 60 mile radius, I don’t remember the number but it was huge.  There is four groups in Neenah alone and Neenah is a fairly small town. It was super fun to have her.  We had a running conversation that continued every time I was in her room to check on her or help her about CC, homeschooling, Ken Ham, serving God in this fallen world, and life in general. I feel like I was at work all night getting blessed by my patients.  Is that backwards?  My cup overflows!

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