I am kind of relieved to be on nights even if it is only for a week and a half.
On the way to work as usual, I hoped for the best and braced for the worst, asking God for strength.   I won the assignment lottery again.  Not because I had the easiest patient, but I had one where I felt like I could make a big difference.  It was a natural (no epidural) induction with a very hands on patient.  Baby was really feeling the pressure and the provider rushed in with barely enough time to get a gown and gloves on as the baby delivered in the hands and knees position.  So awesome! The patient was up quickly and after breastfeeding twice showered with a full bed change by two hours out.  But as I was sitting down to finish all of my charting I got a call from the lead nurse telling me that as soon as my patient was all recovered I needed to report off to another nurse and go help at AMC.  I had parked the car far away and again I was left wondering what lay ahead for me at AMC.  Switching hospitals in the middle of the night is some how creepier than in the day.  Following GPS through dark deserted streets knowing full well that I really had no clue where I was.
I was pleasantly surprised when I got to AMC and had a lite load.  The time passed quickly and before too long I was headed home again.

This week we start doing all the leg work for our next assignment …I am eager to find out where we will be headed next.

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