Done with my 5/6

I got my labor back, I really thought she would have been delivered by one track or another but when they had tried to do a c/s she cried so they didn’t. She was given more time and by the change over to day shift she had made progress. So we took advantage of the extra time to change positions, frequently. Baby showed signs of distress so pit was turned off and didn’t like the right side either so we went from hands and knees to left exaggerated sims to left lateral with a peanut ball to semifowlers with a left tilt (babies favorite position) and repeated. Hand holding the monitor as baby was difficult to trace the parents felt bad about the work I was doing. We joked that with 12 hour shifts and three little kids there’s not much time for a visit to the gym so it’s a good thing I have this opportunity to work on my arm muscles. The one I felt bad for was them. They were told they needed to be induced by their due date because the baby had no more room (baby was small). They were doing everything right, they labored naturally for so long before taking the epidural and with the epidural they had tried every position still many times over. Mommy had spent so much time in hands and knees and getting to hands and knees that she is going to be quite sore. With the pit off we made more change than with it on and eventually got to a stretchy anterior lip that reduced with pushing but came right back and baby didn’t bounce back so easily. The c/section was called hours after it had originally been pursued, but this time we all felt like we had tried everything. Baby was born facing up and head tilted sideways a little bit. It was one of the most moulded heads I had ever seen. The eyelids and lips were quite swollen and the moulding started at the eyebrows and went back and to the right then up. It looked like a little alien something you would have seen on Star Treck. Before recovery was even done a cute less pointed head with less swollen lips and eyelids allowed baby to really open their eyes and look around. By four hours you would not have been able to convince me that it was the same baby. At the end of recovery (one hour out) I got a call that I was getting a GYN patient from the main OR and there was no one else to take her. It was really kind of fun taking care of her and doing her initial assessment and vitals and as soon as she was settled they called and said I had another one coming up in 20 min. She was a lot more painful and less fun but still reminiscent of my Ortho days and I kind of miss older people and the cut and dry of routine post op patients. (Although I don’t see myself going back because I feel like my OB patients are my calling we never know what the future holds). Well by the time I got the second GYN admitted it was change of shift and I had hours of MVUs and hand holding/position changing to chart on as it is impossible to keep up on it with one hand on the monitor and the other not able to reach the computer. With no lunch and two and half hours of charting after change of shift everyone was in bed when I got home. I sat down and ate some ice cream, a little one serving container that totally hit the spot, while chatting with Stephanie about her day. Chad must have heard me because he came down stairs and heated up some fried rice from dinner, I polished that off too. Then I crashed. Today is going to be a good day, a friend is coming to visit and we have fun plans, I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Done with my 5/6

  1. Marilyn Dohman

    Wow Sar….what a night……I don’t feel sorry for the labor pt though…..cause she had you. Bet you were soooo tired…….awwww. Hard to think straight when u are charting late…and so tired.
    Hope u had a wonderful day with your friend…….You super nurse you …..xxxx Much love.

  2. I can’t lie – I didn’t understand most of that except that you are a rockstar at offering encouragement and support to your patients. You are such a great fit for that job.

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