Free Book Day at the Neenah Library

The kids woke up this morning to a package each from Louanne of really fun stickers.



IMG_1551.JPG They put their stickers in zip lock bags with their names on it.

Caleb and Hannah have been on high alert for the library book sale for two weeks now, they were begging Chad to allow them to walk to the library (at least three miles one way) to go to the $5 bag day yesterday because I had the car at work. But waiting until free book day has paid off. We have been to the Salem Library book sale before and didn’t find any really good finds, this time there were quite a few books pertinent to what we are studying in school this year plus boat loads of other educational and classic books. Eve made several new friends and was making sure to help them find all the books they might might need as well. I’m sure Chad was shaking his head on the inside but also happy with our find. The kids were picking out books for their cousins too so we may have some birthday packages to send out that may not wait until November and December. Eve was so excited she was doing a happy dance.


I loved that the librarians had guessed that we were homeschoolers and kept bringing me books that they thought we would particularly enjoy as well as anything pertaining to American history, immigration, civil liberty, government, electing a president. You name it.
After the library we headed to Oshkosh we ate lunch at our new favorite sub shop. If only they had one of these in the Salem/Keizer area or even Portland. They have GF hoagies….GF HOAGIES! Not a little midget sandwich that they charge you an extra two dollars for and put half the filling in. Besides that their subs have fun names and are all creative combinations.





We stopped at the Old Navy outlet mall and found a few shirts and shorts for Caleb on clearance to replace a few of his that have recently been ruined by a random bleach spot and the adhesive from a sticker. And found a few first Christmas presents and a welcome to the world present for little baby Hui! Congratulations Liz!!!! My sister from my summer mother (Aunt Susan). You and Al are going to be great parents I can't wait to meet that new little man of yours and to hear your whole birth story!!!
Finding everything we needed at the first store we didn't venture to the rest of the outlet mall the weather had turned cold and it was starting to rain. We headed home and carried all of our new treasures inside. We spent most of the rest of the day curled together on the floor of the living room reading books. Chad made us a special dinner of pad Thai noodles and tofu then we listened to hymns as we cleaned the house. At bed time the kids picked out four more books and I sat outside their bedroom door reading. It was a good day.

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