Travelers and Recruiters Unite

I was contacted a week or two ago about writing a blurb about myself, travel nursing, and my recruiter and agency and that they in turn would be writing a little blurb about themselves and what they do and it would be posted on the travel nurse Facebook group page titled “Travelers and Recruiters Unite.” To spotlight the roles of each, company/recruiter/nurse, individually. It was fun to get the notification that it was up today and read what they had to say.

Genesis Medical:
“Genesis Medical Staffing has a home office located in Omaha, NE. We are definitely a small company but we staff in all 50 states and we work with nurses, surgical techs, and allied health professionals –Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Rehab Therapy, Pharmacy and more. Genesis is a Faith Based Company–very unique in this industry.

We take a Christ-like approach to staffing and treat everyone as individuals with their own motivating factors. We tend to have a more family feel to treating others as they wish to be treated.

Genesis medical is a small company that focuses on service over sales. We staff nationwide and as a whole have over 40 years experience in the staffing world.”

This is a spotlight posted on a Facebook travel nurse group yesterday spotlighting my recruiter Erin Bluml:
“I have worked for Genesis Medical for 1 year and have a total of 6 years in Healthcare Staffing. My title is Client Representative; handling both Nurses and Clients.

I’m originally from Omaha, NE but my home is Denver, CO. I enjoy anything outdoors – hiking, biking or just hanging out at the many parks or patios (Mmm, Beer!) we have here in Denver! I’m passionate about my own personal travels – I love to experience different cultures, people and take in the overwhelming beauty of the world. So helping others get to experience these things is very important to me.

As I mentioned, helping others travel and have new personal and professional experiences is one of the most rewarding/enjoyable parts of my job. I also enjoy educating new possible travelers on the industry to help lead them to the right decision.

Sarah Sherman Owens(L/D RN) is a current traveler of mine. Sarah just gets it – she is relatively new to traveling, but I appreciate her urgency/promptness and overall communication skills. She’s passionate about constantly learning more of her profession as well as a commited Mother and Wife. Sarah travels with her husband and 3 children, educating them by experiences through their travels. I love to read their blog to keep up with everything that is happening on the road. I truly admire Sarah’s commitment to her career and Family as well as appreciate her giving me the opportunity to be a part of it all!”

Then the spotlight on me as the nurse:
“Hi my name is Sarah Owens I have been a Labor and delivery nurse for almost nine years now. I became a L&D nurse after the profoundly empowering experience of the supported natural labor and birth of my first child. I wanted other women to come away from their births feeling just as loved, supported, and empowered as a mother.

Just in this last year (April) I dove into the world of traveling as a nurse. I have loved the new challenges it has presented me with as well as the daily opportunities to grow as a person. I travel with my family: my husband Chad, a nine year old son, seven and four year old daughters, and our puppy/teddy bear a three year old Newfoundland.

We are on our second assignment, the first was in New Mexico the land of enchantment, now we are in Americas dairy land, Wisconsin. We live in such a beautiful country and as travel nurses we get to see it all and it’s not just some short week long vacation.

I work for Genesis whom I met at the travel nurse conference, my recruiter is Erin Bluml. She is very personable, I like the clear communication. I don’t have to wonder if I’m going to have a place to stay when I get to my assignment. I got my first months schedule several weeks before the end of my previous assignment. Erin knows I prefer to be contacted via texts and she has completely respected that and I don’t know that she has ever said, “Hey, I just wanted to call and reach out to you.” I love (insert sarcasm) getting those calls when I’m trying to catch some sleep between night shifts. Although I plan to work with the recommended handful of travel companies if I can continue to find the jobs that fit me in the areas we have not yet explored I would like to stay with Genesis and Erin.

We also have our blog that has a lot on it about travel nursing, traveling as a family, homeschooling, national parks.We are taking tours of all of the Capitol buildings of all the states we have been through. It is…”

I have learned more about my company and recruiter through all of this and thought that I would pass it on because it might help answer some questions for others who are unsure how this travel nurse thing works.

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