Saturday as it should be

A slower morning than yesterday set the tone for a restful Saturday. Caleb and I checked the mail when we walked Myra. The kids are starting to get postcards from homeschool families in each of the states as part of our CC homeschool group. In July we mailed ours out. 53 in all, as there were multiples to some of the bigger states. It could be due to all of ours having to be forwarded, but our first three came today.

Also a book came in the mail from a friend that I am super eager to read.

I grabbed it, as well as a notebook and pen when we headed out to run some down day errands. The first stop was the library. I couldn’t help but take a picture of my current hospital from across the waterway.

IMG_0427.JPG After the kids had all refilled their book bags we headed to the Saturday market in the park next door. We enjoyed the kids singing and jumping in a bouncy house while trying out a GF zucchini loaf we had purchased from one of the stands. It started to sprinkle and the kids had been jumping for a while so we decided it was time to head to the store for some grocery shopping. Every year my food-preparation talented husband makes a birthday dinner for me. Yes you are right my birthday was almost a month ago now, but we were in transit with no available kitchen so today was the day chosen for that yummy tradition. I had requested “fun” grilled cheese and tomato soup and key lime pie. We needed some basics at the house but this grocery trip was mostly for dinner tonight. Yay! After shopping we had a quick pb&j for lunch and the kids headed out to the back yard to play with their friends. I sat with my new book at the kitchen table as Chad tinkered around the kitchen. That is how we spent the whole afternoon. Chad snuck in a 30 min. nap and the shouts and laughter from through the screen door and open windows kept us tuned into what the kids were doing. What a nice relaxing day. Caleb has already read two of his thick library books. It is pretty much impossible to keep that kid in books.
Dinner was delicious with all of Chad’s hard work paying off.
Mac &Cheese grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.


Key Lime Pie for dessert



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