A day shifters nightmare come true

Maybe nightmare is too strong of a word for this mornings experience. I was in and out of consciousness this morning waiting for my alarm to go off. I was not wanting a repeat of the previous morning so I didn’t want to keep looking at the clock, the alarm would go off when it was time to get up until then I could snuggle down and enjoy my warm covers and soft pillow for just a little longer.
The came the, “Sarah, it’s after five!” In an alarming voice….what?! No! My alarm hasn’t gone off. Oh crap your right! Scrambling as quick as I could go to get in the shower and dressed. A 5:05 am wake up for a 5:30 am day shift isn’t a pretty picture and with it being my second day on this assignment (I hate to be late to anything and to be late to work is completely taboo whether it is your second day on the job or your 15th year. But at least if it’s your 15th year people are more apt to believe that your alarm didn’t go off.). I think it was a two min. Shower and I managed to brush both my teeth and hair. No time for breakfast but Chad had purchased a package of kind bars for me to take to work for on the run snacks, of which I grabbed three, my lunch bag, and water bottle as I ran for the door. I left the house at 5:15am and made it to the floor to exchange my car keys for narc keys and pick up a report sheet at 05:25. I was a bit discombobulated, but at work and on time. The shift, just as the one before, was fast paced with very little time for anything but patient care and charting. A quick lunch was squeezed in there but orientation, to taping report, the glucometer test, safety walk, and the list of online tests that needed to be completed for orientation were left completely untouched. The plus side is I was starting to get the hang of all the charting and that part of the day went well, with the nurse that I was orienting with having to do a lot less question answering and almost no charting or patient care, so I feel like that is a success. I’ve got one more day to get this all down. The kids ran to greet me when I got home, I was almost an hour late getting off work. We will have a better idea of the “normal” time to get off soon. Myra took me on a sunset walk after the kids were all tucked in with gorgeous views if the pink clouds and a reminder that I can do this, we are where we are supposed to be and it will all work out. One day at a time.


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