Neenah Wisconsin

Wow!  Has all this stuff really happened in one day?  We woke up this morning in Madison WI at the KOA and had somehow (a good tent perhaps) managed to stay dry through all the rain during the night.  It was quite a nice campground, and I was sad we didn’t spend any time there.



20140802-215724-79044308.jpg We packed up, got breakfast, and picked up Myra from the Kennel.  She was happy as always, and returned with a good report card.  Seriously, they gave us a report sheet of how she did throughout her stay, and she passed with flying colors.  We had a two hour drive to Neenah and our new apartment.  We arrived to meet our new landlord at the pre appointed 12:00pm.  We all piled out of the car.  Unloading the car was the easy part, and we worked steadily at putting things away.  For this assignment we chose a new kind of adventure, unfurnished housing.  It was going to be around $2,000, a tad more, to rent furniture for three months.  Probably not a bad price for what we were going to get, but we have to get a bigger place having 5 people than I would get if it were just one, and pet fees as well to consider (way lower here than in NM).  Also, we needed to work on rebuilding our savings a bit.  We decided to take on the challenge of furnishing our provided housing.  When we had our car unloaded and half the things put away, we headed back out to dig up the furniture and accessories we would need to get by for the next three months.  Air mattresses, sheets and pillows, dishes and silverware, groceries, measuring cups, hand soap and a broom.  Our car was filled to the brim after three stores, Goodwill, the dollar store and Walmart, so we headed home to put things away.  Chad set up the beds. Caleb has a cot he found at goodwill that he is completely attached to, and the girls were digging the new sheet sets in their favorite colors.  After everything was set up, we still need to get a couch of some kind and a table and chairs and we will be completely set.  The upstairs, all things considered, actually looks pretty homy. We ate dinner on a picnic table in the back yard.  The kids played in the freshly mowed grass clippings.  They are glad to be “home”.
Goodnight from Neenah!
Here is my new hospital.  The nerves aren’t as bad as last time, but still a little nervous.




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