The Low Down on Our Car Situation

It was Thursday morning in Sedona when I first noticed that the car was hard to get into 1st gear.  Poor car, it must be tired, as I have been driving it pretty hard.  We immediately thought it was a transmission fluid issue and consulted Mary Beth’s personal car expert (dad).  He assured us that wasn’t the issue, but what was?  The car quickly warmed up and the problem went away, all but forgotten.

Friday morning I could not get it in 1st or reverse for a few minutes, but again, like the day before, it quickly went away. Could it wait to be dealt with until Chad got home?

Saturday morning Mary Beth was stuck dealing with it.  I did feel bad about that.

Sunday morning with Valerie along for the ride, we held our breath for the first few miles each time I had to change gears.  I dropped her off at home, got gas, coffee for breakfast and headed to church, scouting for car shops along the way.  I had Sunday off, but no one was open.  Was I going to get stranded somewhere before I could get it in to be looked at?  I was having to back into a site and pull out in second, and even that was hard.  After church service I got two referrals for mechanics, and was praying that they would at least be able to get it in for a look in the morning.

Monday, my alarm went off at 7:00.  I searched google for Mr. Muffler and found the number, directions and business hours, 8am-5pm.  A phone call, shower and a walk for Myra and I was on my way.  I was sweating it as I worked to change gears saying a little prayer each time.  If this problem didn’t get fixed I was going to be stranded soon.  Thanks to the Silverton FBC staff for AAA coverage as a good bye gift, I had an emergency plan.  I pulled into the Mechanic very relieved to have made it and praying that it wouldn’t completely drain our emergency fund to fix it.  Please let it not be the transmission.

I got the car all checked in and watched the mechanic struggle to get the car in gear for the test drive. Pulling out a book I figured there was no reason to stress about it now, and I might as well be productive with my time.  About an hour later, the mechanic came out to discuss the plan.  I should have scanned his diagnostic assessment form so I could relay the information better to Chad, but it was not the Transmission, it was the Clutch.  I was in seventh heaven.  The mechanic is in walking distance, through sketchy neighborhoods.  I should be able to pick it up on Wednesday, my only other day off this week, and since I carpool with my work friends I have rides to work.  It should all work out.  I’m high as a kite excited about Gods provisions.

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