So Dissapointed

We have been planning to go to the Celebrate Recovery fundraiser at Chilies for a couple of weeks.  Not only did Chilies sound good but we really wanted to support Celebrate Recovery.  So after waking up every little bit all day to look at the clock and make sure I wasn’t over sleeping, I finally drug myself out of bed in what we thought was plenty of time to go get an early dinner and get back to the house before I needed to leave for work.
We arrived at Chilies at 4:30pm and I had to leave for work at 6:00pm…that should have been plenty of time.  There were only a handful of families at Chilies that early in the evening, so we thought we wouldn’t have a wait time and we would beat the rush. But when we checked in at the front desk and told them there were five of us they informed us that they didn’t have seating for a family of five right now and so it would be about a 15 min.  Wait.  Seriously!  They were practically empty.  I was playing out the times in my head.  It’s 4:30 in 15 it will be 4:45.  If we order our food at 5:00, and it comes at 5:20, and we have to leave at 5:30, so we have time to get home and changed, that means  10 min.  to eat.  So we decided that wasn’t enough time and ran across the road to Fudruckers.  After all that looking forward to Chilies and fitful sleep all day… Fudruckers was fast but completely disappointing too after being used to the one in Wilsonville.

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