Q and Hopefully A

I guess I am hoping that someone out there is feeling a little like they are traveling too through the pictures we have taken and the information we have learned and shared here.  I know most jobs are not portable, and two weeks off a year is only enough time to sneak in a camping trip and visit family for the holidays. This is especially for friends who have wanted to travel and see the states but their responsibilities have not allowed it, and for my fellow homeschool families who are studying U. S. History this next year we want to do this blog so that you all can experience this adventure with us and learn beside us.
I am curious. What would you like to know about the Four Corners?  Arizona?  Utah?  Colorado?  New Mexico?  The Continental Divide, The Grand Canyon, The Great Salt Lake?  The Navajo Indians, Hopi, Ute, Anasazi, Ancient Puebloans?
We will attempt to discover the answers to your questions and share them with you. We can learn together.


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