Today I took the kids to riverfest in Farmington.  It is just a little community get together down by the river but was a lot of fun.  There was rafting tours, a petting zoo, horse rides, and a lot of other fun stuff to do.  It was big enough to cover two parks, but their is a green belt that connects them so it was a nice walk.  The kids really enjoyed the park and are eager for me to take them back so they can play on the equipment and in the fountains that we found in Berg park.  I am eager to go back and find some of the geocaches that are along the green belt.

The only downside to the day was that we went to a food stand for some lunch and it was a long line.  It took us 20 min to get up to order.  Then the guy said they were really busy so it would be another 20 min till our food was ready. After waiting an hour we finally had our lunch.  The food was good but nothing great.  Was really bummed that Sarah could not be there with us.


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