Park Patches Brainstorm

We have been getting patches at every national park that we have been to (except Montezuma’s Castle because they are in the middle of changing the design and so they are unavailable) for each kid.  They are marketed to go on the the Jr. Ranger vests but they only have room for a few patches as they are mesh.  I thought we could make the kids like an AWANNA vests except it would be their National Park vests.  Other full time families sew them on to their travel blankets, but our current travel blankets are fleece tie blankets. We have seen some ideas on Pinterest for a framed wall display or putting them on a hoody which would give us room for more patches than a vest.
This is what they look like:




We need some more fun ideas on how to display/use these patches in a way the kids can look back at them and enjoy them for a long time.
Thanks for your help

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