Caleb’s Journal From April 27th

I really need to write in my journal.  But, I can still tell you about this last week.  Okay, enough mish-mash, let’s get to the story.  I should probably start at the beginning.  So we left on our grand adventure (aka our trip) on 4-21-2014.  It was really hard saying good-bye to Grandma and Cyrus, but we went and it was basically drive, stop, eat, drive, stop, eat all the way there.  We saw a lot of Mom and Dad’s friends and made friends with their kids.  Yesterday we went to ARCHES NATIONAL PARK!  We got a badge for filling out the junior ranger hand book.  After that we stayed in two motels, tried to open the lockbox (we had to have help) and moved in. There is an upstairs, where the bedrooms are, and dads bedroom has a TV in it.  We have a drawer for books and two drawers from shoes.  One for regular-everyday shoes and one for church shoes.  We also have two drawers each for our stuff.  Our bed is pink everything, so I am sleeping in our closet.  There is a railing in our apartment that is so low (one foot above the stairs) that we use it as a slide.  There is two bathrooms, one upstairs, and one downstairs.  The one down stairs is a tiny bathroom consisting of a toilet and a sink and a few drawers.  The one upstairs the main bathroom, so it has a mirror, a sink, a bunch of drawers, and so on.  There is a linen closet right up the stairs.  There is three chairs in the living room and one couch.  The TV is so old that dad can’t put any good technology on it.  He can’t put Netflix on it!  The bathroom down stairs is in the kitchen/dining room, where the table is and four chairs and there is a lot of cupboards and four bowls (so we had to buy one) and a sink with a water filter (that we bought) with a garbage disposal!  We also have a washing machine and dryer, so we don’t have to go to a laundry mat.  We have in our kitchen a refrigerator freezer, stove top, oven, dishwasher, and the furnace and water heater by the fridge.  On the left in a closet.  There is two desks in the living room, one long one with books and schoolwork, and one with two glass shelves and one wood one and a drawer.  there is one window in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in mom and dad’s room, and one in our room.  Right now I am sitting at the table writing in my journal, Hannah is sitting on a chair because she is in trouble, and Eve is making noise by running up and down the stairs.

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