Honduras seems like so long ago now that it was longer back than our departure date is forward.

If you ever get to go on a mission trip you should.  Don’t think that you don’t have any skills to offer.  Take the opportunity and just do it.  Our trip this last January brought a group of 18 people of various skill sets together for the common goal of bringing some basic health care to needy communities in rural Honduras.  We had a doctor, a Labor and Delivery Nurse, a retired RN, three good spanish speakers for translators, a 15 year old that taught the older kids origami and had a whole line of littler kids hoping his next demonstration would be theirs, three people coordinating activities for the children, a former CNA and a student planing to become a nurse.  Practice (for the student) to use their new found skills to take names and get blood pressures.  Someone to coordinate meals, the team leader, three more people who helped maintain lines, and were runners and a lot of other important things. We ranged from 15 years old to 75 with a even spread in the middle.

The day would start off after making breakfast and packing lunch.  We would pile into two 15 passenger vans with all of our supplies and drive the bumpy but scenic roads to the villages.  We would set up, arrange tables and chairs, and start taking names and blood pressures at 9:00am.  We saw many patients, 670 total in our 5 days of clinics.

We came away feeling like the Honduran people, their smiles and thankfulness, blessed us so much more than we could have imagined.  We went to give them a gift and didn’t expect such a big blessing in return.


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