On Call/Hannah Oldies

I’m literally 2 min. Drive from the hospital and can walk to work all though I have only done it twice.  So when my second day of medsurge orientation started with a call from the hospital saying that they had zero patients on the acute care floor (medical/surgical/ICU/psych) and my preceptor was on call.  OB had their own nurse and backup who was NRP certified and they also only had one postpartum couplet.  I felt bad with the hospital needing to pay for an extra body (I am gauranteed 36 hours of work each week) when there was no patients so I offered to be on call.  My company was not impressed, but I already knew they wouldn’t.  I had already picked up an extra shift for the next week hopefully they will forgive me.  I never did get called all night which meant that I could go to church with my family and be awake for Hannah’s birthday.  She had chosen hashbrowns eggs and bacon for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and mussels for dinner.  There were no mussels at Safeway that were still in the shell and that is the way she wanted them so instead we had sandwiches for lunch and saved the pizza for dinner.  At church Irlinda had given her a box of cookies for her birthday and a five dollar bill which she was able to buy a bracelet kit that had rubber bands and beads in it and has been since making jewelry.  We watched “Rio” and “Rio 2” which were gifts from us and the kids made pages of drawings with the pens and glitter glue also included in her gift.  She recieved a few other cards and gifts of clothes and stuffed malamute she named “Floan” after a wolf in a book series she has been reading.  It sounds like a lot but it was low key.  You could see the joy that each of these letters, phone calls, and gifts brought her.  Thank you everyone for making her feel so special this week.  Nine is a big number half way to adulthood is too grown up for me.  This fist half had passed so quickly what a gift she had been to our family.  I looked through old photos this morning and pulled out several of the good ones to share.  Bear with me…

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