Father’s Day 2016

I worked the night before and am not much of a party/event planner.  I think chad is okay with that it seemed like he was wanting a chill kind of day anyway.  I picked up coffee from Harborside on my way home from work. Our new favorite is “The Gary” it is named after the local guy who roasts the coffee beans here in town.  We are going to have to write down what all is in it so we can attempt to duplicate it when going to Harborside is no longer an option. 

I took a one hour nap before heading to church, so on Father’s Day Chad was the one getting the kids all ready to go and preparing our dish for the potluck breakfast.  He deserves to be way more spoiled on Father’s Day than he is.  

We made it to church on time and enjoyed the pre church breakfast potluck.  Chad’s dish turned out amazing.  I think we might have to cycle it into our regular breakfasts.  It was a breakfast casserole…yummy so good.  Our original plans to go kyacking after church were also canceled as the people we were going to go with were feeling under the weather.  I was wiped too from my all nighter, so we went home and Eve and I took a nap.  We woke up rather late. The kids had already had dinner.  We headed out for a short hike to the bunkers behind Boy Scout lake.  The walk was beautiful, not too difficult and not too long.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time so that was perfect. 

After our hike we stopped at Safeway and shopped for “after party food” (after the kids go to bed 😋) We cuddled on the couch enjoying our foodie type grocery picks and watching “Flip or Flop” it was fun and relaxing.  

Happy Father’s Day Chad Emerson Owens, to Chuck, and my to own dad Paul. Love you all so much. 

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