Journal Making And Beach Combing

The kids had signed up for a journal making class for 7-12 year olds at the library at 2:00pm today.  We chilled at the house until almost one with the kids making us breakfast.  Actually these days they almost always make breakfast.  Usually oatmeal but both of the big kids have mastered that skill and so we let them practice regularly.  It was a nice treat to be served breakfast in bed this morning, we are blessed by their willingness and eagerness to take on this chore.  At 1:00pm Chad dropped me off at Harborside Coffee House to have weekly coffee with the ladies from church while he took the kids to the journal making class at the library that they had signed up for.  Poor Eve was not old enough for the class, but she did enjoy reading books instead.  I was going to walk from downtown to the library, it really isn’t that far and it was a nice day.  It just so happened that Sophie had to go to the library anyway to pick up her son so she offered me a ride, thank you Sophie I so appreciated it.  It was after 3:00pm but the kids were not quite finished with their projects so I read to Eve while Chad helped in the class room.  We read a few before Caleb came out first to show us his journal, and by the time we finished our pile of books Hannah was done too. Here is Caleb’s journal.

Hannah felt like her first journal cover was too big so she made a second but brought them both home.  Here are her journals. The bottom one was her first attempt. 

After leaving the library we took home our new ginormous pile of books (Hannah has just recently started reading the thicker books and she checked out as many as she could find on wolves).  I even found a book to read.  

We all grabbed our rubber boots and got back in the car to check out a new beach called Gibson Cove.  Eve fell asleep on the way and didn’t wake up for quite a while. I sat with her in the car while Chad and the big kids checked out the beach.  I had to take a picture of my new boots while waiting for Eve to wake up. 

I did not imagine this beach to be as awesome of a find as it was.  I was completely blown away by it’s beauty, peacefulness, and little treasures.  I could go there everyday for the rest of this assignment and still probably not get enough of it. 

We combed the beach for sea glass, fun shells and other treasures.  Chad and Caleb skipped stones, Hannah was making a person out of different stones that she found, and Eve jumped right in with both feet and didn’t stop at the point where the water was over her boots before we knew it she was soaked.  It was warm though sunny and around 60 degrees which doesn’t sound warm but to us it felt hot.  There were plenty of teen kids at the beach in their bikinis soaking up rays as well so I know we weren’t loco feeling so hot in this wonderful heat wave.  

​At around 7:00pm we called it a night and headed home for dinner.  
After getting home we emptied our pockets and checked out all of the fun beach combing treasures. 

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