Feeling Accomplished

An infant nutrition class this morning was informative and will help with giving parents accurate information on formula use and nutrition.  It definately has it’s place and is not evil.  I wish we could take marketing out of it though.  Class was out just before lunch and it took me all of two minutes to get home….I am loving the commute here.   After lunch we printed off, signed, scanned, and sent back the tax forms completed yesterday.  We managed to get the keys to our mailbox, and grocery shopping.  The kids have been working full time on getting their library books read.  Hannah is finished already, but she only checked out three books so she has started in on Caleb’s books and has exclaimed that she will be checking out more books next time.  Caleb checked out surprisingly many nonfiction books.  Usually I have to pull teeth to get him to read anything nonfiction.  Eve has declared that Hannah may not read her books unless she reads them out loud to her.  Chad made it out to a movie for an evening away, and I think we are ready to dig into these next three days of work. 

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