Library, Coffee With The Girls, And A Drive At Dusk

First thing is first.  Our morning started with a phone conference appointment with our tax preparer.  Travel Tax is booked so far in advance that by the time we had all of our tax documents from all the different states and companies in early March the next available appointment was in June.  That went well, we are finally done with taxes for this year.  We made plans to meet a lady from church at the library at 11:30.  The kids found lots of fun books and signed up for the summer reading program.  We managed to get a library card with my work ID and the email copy of our lease.  Eve was on a mission to find as many books as possible on bears.  One of the volunteers picked up on her bear love and kept bringing her more bear books. She was thrilled.  Sophie invited me to go to coffee with a women’s group from church.  It ended up being just us and her grown up daughter who works nearby the coffee house, but that was perfect.  I love her perspective on life.  It is amazing how much in our lives end up being out of our control.  Aren’t you so amazed by those who keep on plugging away and doing their best no matter how much resistance and upsetting developments get thrown at them never blaming or making excuses?  As good as it was to go out and have girl time I know it is Chad who needs the guy time away from the kids.  I am hoping the community here will have opportunities for that soon.  He is so good to me, and such a good daddy.  We are blessed with him for sure.  

In the evening near dark 7:30-9:30pm of course it wasn’t really dark, but it was overcast and so it felt like late evening.  There were animals out and we made it to the end of the public road past Chiniak.  We saw four deer, bald eagles one who was pretty close to us, otters playing in the surf, brush moving from a animal who moved quickly from the road at the sound of the car coming, an old WWII runway, and miles of green rich forest and coastline, but no bears.  Still, so fun. 

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