Memorial Day 2016

Fort Abercrombie state park and the Military History museum were our main plan for the day as well as to hopefully find the “WWII Cemetery”.  The museum was open from 1:00-4:00pm, so there was no need to get too early of a start.  We looked for the cemetery first but it wasn’t on googlemaps we discovered later that is because it is just called the Old American Cemetery.  We decided to do Taco Bell/KFC taken to Mill Beach for a in the car picnic (it was spitting a bit and looking like rain).  We watched the waves come in and go out.  Some people were combing the beach, so we watched them too.  After we finished eating we explored a little.  The sights were amazing, but with the breeze off of the water it was a little cold.  

After our early lunch we headed to Fort Abercrombie, we could hike around until the museum opened. 

We found this on our hike up to the museum.  It was cool to peak around inside of it.  It is hard to imagine it in use. 

Miller point is supposed to be an excellent place to whale watch. We didn’t see anything while we were watching, but we will if we keep watching. 

There were fun wild flowers blooming.  Below you can see my fingers holding a Chocolate lily. And the one below that we are thinking must be the fire weed although it is hard to tell, it doesn’t exactly look like the pictures I have seen. 

The view again just down the trail from Miller point. 

When the clock struck 1:01pm we headed back to check out the museum. 

This dress up station kept the kids busy for quite some time.  I love it when museums have this kind of hands on learning opportunities. 

Matthew gave these kids a love of jeeps so this was extra fun to pretend drive those military jeep. 

I didn’t ever realize that the Japanese occupied some of the Aleutian Islands. 
The communications room was the favorite by far! So so cool!

Thank you Military History museum you were awesome!

We hiked down to the lake on our way back to the car. There are many beautiful hikes in Fort Abercrombie park. 

The Old American Cemetery was our last stop for the day. 

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