😐😞😟😩😫😭 Not Sure What to Title This Emojis Will Have to Do

I haven’t worked a long run of shifts this assignment until now. 6 shifts in seven days should not be too bad.  I don’t mind work at all, but I would be working all but one day that my sister would be visiting with her family.  It would be ok I told myself…we will make the most of our one day together.  It sounded good in theory.  Some how it hasn’t worked that way.  I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve making lifting my right leg more than a half inch off of the ground nearly impossible without extreme pain.  I knew that I would have to work the next day so even though I had never been to a chiropractor before it was my best chance at relief now.  We ended up spending most of the morning there.  A friend and I had to work on details of our hike today was the only day we both have off between now and when we leave.  She was willing to come to the house so that we didn’t have to go all the way to San Diego to lay out our hiking stuff and make sure we have everything we need. The kids were energetic so when we were almost done with examining our equipment the crew left to have lunch at In-N-Out.  They got home, Suzanne put the kids down for a nap and I iced my back.  I emptied out the kid’s room and just then FedX brought my urine drug screen for my new perdiem job.  You have to take the test within 24 hours of receiving it. Since I work tomorrow it had to be done today before the lab closed.  It was 3pm already so I asked if Suzanne would come with me but she could not so I drove myself to the lab where I sat in the waiting room for well over an hour missing what time we had left.  I got home after 6:00pm.  We worked a little more on detail things, sweeping and packing.  Around 7:00pm dinner supplies were gathered to go to Uncle Richard’s house for dinner.  The heavy traffic, the meal preparation time and time spent visiting (much need as Suzanne and Jeremy don’t get to visit Southern California very often) I couldn’t afford to get to bed late, not with an 0400 wake up call for work having not caught up from the last four early mornings.  I stayed home ate some icecream and iced my back, took a hot shower, then went to bed.  The crew came home between 10-11pm.  Still working on some things…so much to do and we had to be out of the house by 0600 the next morning. 

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