Heart Monitoring ☑️

It was overkill, but my alarm was already set for 0415 AM.  The 0800 class that was only 31 miles away took me approximately 31 minutes to get there which meant that I was there only three hours early… You just never know.  It had a San Diego address and I didn’t want to have to deal with terrible traffic that happens between 0600 and 0800, but fighting a cold I probably should have tried to get maybe another hour of sleep.  The class was uneventful and now that it is over I can return to work… Yay! I was home early and thought maybe a nap might be in order (still trying to keep this cold in hand and keep it from kicking my backside) I slept for two hours it was fabulous.  We had dinner and I hung with the kids a bit attempting to FaceTime Steph to return her call that I recieved in class in the morning.  I got everything layed out for STABLE in the morning that would be quite a bit farther away in Costa Mesa.  The kids got all tucked into bed and together we thanked God for family time, Balboa park, Grandma and Grandpa, and for getting to travel as a family to see the United States.  I shot my friend a text just to check in. We talked a little back and forth.  It has been on my mind all week, but I have been so amazed at God’s hand in all the details of life the last few weeks. 

I needed to get these classes done, I didn’t really appreciate having to miss a day of work to take fetal monitoring, but God knew I needed that break to get every thing that needed to get done with the house done.  The classes I needed to have just happened to be available on my scheduled days off and in my area.  I was able to get registered for all three of them.  Then discovered that the information on my first class was wrong and I would not be able to take it…it wasn’t my error so I would be completely refunded the money for it. That was the only two day class, the most expensive class, the one scheduled while my beloved in-laws would be here, and the only one I did not have to have as I was told the Advanced class (only one day and about half the cost) would fill the requirement.  This allowed me to spend the entire in-law visit with my family feeling much more refreshed to go back to work. I got to the Advanced class to find out that it was rescheduled for that day from the previous week for what reason I don’t know but imagine how far out of luck I would have been if they had not rescheduled it!  You and I know it wasn’t really luck.  The list goes on and on.  Thank you God for telling me in so many ways this week that you are with me and you love me.  I would never be able to be good enough to deserve a relationship with you, that doesn’t seem to matter to you.  You call me your inheritance and say that you are mine. 

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