Just What We Needed Today ❤️

Flying by the seat of our pants is the way we live most days.  We plan ahead for a few big things but mostly plan as we go.  We have often been lucky and been able to participate in opportunities  that came up suddenly as we are not booked out months in advance.  We have wanted to take another trip this assignment to Sacramento.  It is a ways away from Fallbrook (8 hours) but as close as we will be getting to our Sacramento family we didn’t want the rest of this assignment to slip away with out taking time to visit with them.  The three day break this week was as good as any time to get away and as week looked at my she file yesterday it really was the last time this assignment we could go.  So it was now or never. We had another friend in the area also that is a L&D travel nurse.  She has four kids two older boys and two girls that are our girls’ ages.  We had been wanting to get the girls together for the last two years.  Since we don’t plan these trips ahead it had never yet worked out to get together. I sent Jen a message last night telling her we would be in the area, and to my suprise she was going to be off today. Yay! It was going to finally work to get together.  We met at a Sushi Cafe where the girls seemed to be instant friends then headed to the park where they could run and get some energy out.   


 We didn’t plan to stay out so late, it just happened.  The time passed so quickly.  Now to make plans for camping together some time in the near future.  Thank you Jen for the delightful evening! It was so fun to meet Matthew and the girls too! 


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