No Newborn Recoveries, No Postpartums….Labors Only. Ok 😳

Finally today I was on the unit.  POCs (point of care testing) unit tour, scavenger hunt, labor charting review.  It’s all good review and a good reminder of why I have an on-your-feet job and not an office/paper pusher/computer job.  The time just doesn’t go by fast enough when I am doing those things.  Everyone I have met has been very nice.  The one thing that caught me off gaurd today was when I was told that the interim director on the unit here wants me to do only labors, I can’t recover my own baby like all the other nurses are expected to do.  They will be recovering my babies.  And I am to turn over my labors after the first hour of recovery to the postpartum nurse at an hour after delivery so I can take another labor.  I am not to be doing any postpartum couplet care or nursery care.  As much as I do like labors, I like moms and babies too.  But that is not what upsets me the most about this, for a hospital that delivers 100-120 babies/month my hands are tied as far as carrying an equal portion of the work load.  It is not cool to be the traveler and not working at least as hard as everyone else. Oh yes night shift, I get to be your handicap instead of your helper. 😳  

I think it will all work out.  I just have to swallow any pride and be constant helping hands to those around me.  I’m here for a reason, now I get to spend the next three months finding out why.  

The apartment is pretty put together now, and the laundry from our trip across the continent has made it through the washer and dryer.  The kids added the new stickers to our map.  They are so excited to make it up north to the New England states.  We’ve got to do that soon before the winter rolls in with its ferocity (Buffalo NY last year…yikes).  


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